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Creating Safe & Secure Insurance & Retirement Plans

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Business Owner Retirement Richmond Virginia

We offer retirement savings solutions for small businesses and the self-employed. For customized retirement and benefit plans, call 804-965-0042.

Non-Qualified Retirement & Benefit Plans

Retirement Savings Solutions for Small Businesses/Self-Employed

Benefit Alternatives offers options which allow you to save for retirement without the expense or regulation required with traditional qualified plans. Employer may contribute tax deductible contributions to select employees at their discretion.

Professional Doctors and Nurses

Exclusive Employer Guaranteed Issue Benefits

The rising cost of providing health insurance for employees has forced many companies to eliminate benefits such as Dental, Life, Vision and Disability coverage.

Benefit Alternatives works with companies that provide guaranteed-issue life insurance to employees who would not be able qualify for coverage on their own.

Group rates keep the cost low to save both the company and employee money, in addition many benefit premiums may be paid with before tax dollars.

Businesmen with Guaranteed Issue Benefits

Key Employee Retention

The loss of key employees that are crucial to the continued success of your business could prove disastrous. Benefit Alternatives offers programs which are designed to reward key employees for loyalty in addition to supplemental retirement programs which can generate tax-free growth in addition to tax-free income for your key employees.

Employees of Various Careers

Business Continuation

Benefit Alternatives designs Funded Buy-Sell agreements for partnerships and corporations which guarantee your business remains intact to protect your years of work.

Business Owner with Estate Plan

Selling Your Business

If you’re planning on selling your business, Benefit Alternatives offers a strategy to guarantee you receive the full predetermined value of your business, based on your future retirement or sale date.

*Based on current tax laws.

Employees and Office Workers

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